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Flooring: Shopping, Installing, Maintaining, Cleaning and More

One hundred years ago, floors consisted of hardwoods, luxurious wool rugs or the occasional tile arrangement, and in some cases, floors during that era were still dirt. In just three or four generations, we've come a long way. Now you can find tile made of materials quarried from around the world. You can opt for rugs or wall-to-wall carpet made from everything from wool to synthetic fibers to bamboo. In addition, there's polished concrete, vinyl tile that can mimic almost any look or material, and a range of other options. With so much to choose from, it's important to do your research, and this blog is designed to help. I hope you enjoy my posts!

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Repairing Laminate Flooring

Damaged laminate flooring can be a nightmare for a homeowner. Liquid damage is most common, and most deadly for the floor. If any manner of liquid sits on your laminate flooring for any length of time, you must act quickly to rescue your floors:

Attempt a Rescue Operation

Often this type of damage occurs when an appliance breaks down and the homeowners are not at home, so be sure to first determine the source of the leak. You'll want to mop up the liquid that is there, but you'll need to address any necessary repair as soon as possible. If no one is available immediately, turn off the water source to the appliance and place towels around the appliance once the floor is fully dried.

Though there is often little to be done if you notice bubbling in the flooring, place a fan focused on the damaged area for a few days. This will help to dry any excess moisture, and sometimes the floor will recover over the course of a week. 

Hire a Pro

The good news, if your floor does not recover, is that laminate wood is a manufactured product, and as such can often be matched by a flooring professional. If it can be matched, you will only have to replace the damaged planks. Make sure to provide any and all information about your flooring to your company of choice. If you are unsure of the product, it may be necessary to have an expert come and check it out.

If you have never installed flooring before, now is probably not the time to start. However, you may want to watch what the professional floor repair person does so that you have a good idea of what to do if this happens again.

Using a circular saw, they will remove the damaged planks, leaving the tongue and grooves for new planks to connect to. Then, they will place a bead of wood glue along the edges to seal the new planks in with the old floor. Finally, they will use a mallet to ensure the proper fit of the new planks.

The best way to prevent this costly repair is to keep your appliances well-maintained, and to wipe up any liquids off of your laminate flooring immediately. Never use a wet mop to cleanse a laminate wood floor, and always repair any damage from moisture immediately. Such damage, if left unattended can cause further warping of your floors and even allow for mould and bacteria to breed under your feet!

To learn more, contact a company such as Panther Timber Hardware with any questions you have.