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Flooring: Shopping, Installing, Maintaining, Cleaning and More

One hundred years ago, floors consisted of hardwoods, luxurious wool rugs or the occasional tile arrangement, and in some cases, floors during that era were still dirt. In just three or four generations, we've come a long way. Now you can find tile made of materials quarried from around the world. You can opt for rugs or wall-to-wall carpet made from everything from wool to synthetic fibers to bamboo. In addition, there's polished concrete, vinyl tile that can mimic almost any look or material, and a range of other options. With so much to choose from, it's important to do your research, and this blog is designed to help. I hope you enjoy my posts!

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Carpet Retailers | 4 Smart Strategies To Plan Your Living Room Carpet Colour Scheme

Decorating your living room is much more than choosing paint colours for walls and upholstery colours for furniture. If you have decided to install carpets, then your carpet colours will play a role in defining the décor of the living room in union with other elements. Use these smart strategies when planning your living room colour scheme at the carpet retailers.

Integrate Carpet Colours into Your Overall Colour Theme

When choosing new pieces at the carpet retailers, you'll want to choose colours that resonate with the existing style and theme of your living room for a consistent finish. You can either choose a matching or complementary colour scheme depending on your existing living room colour style. For example, dark tan or grey carpets work well in off-white or cream living rooms as a complementary colour, while blue and rouge carpets look blend in well with matching walls and upholstery. Use the existing colour scheme of your living room when setting on a colour at the carpet retailers.

Decide Colour Based on Usage Patterns

Choosing a carpet colour will depend on the amount of foot traffic in the living room. You'll want darker colours if you have young children and pets that constantly move around this room, since you can expect spills and stains. If you use the living room only for special occasions, you can afford to choose lighter colours to add brightness to the space. If you enjoy entertaining often, you'll need to consider factors like shoes and spills on your carpets, so you'll probably want to choose darker colours for your living room.

Choose a Timeless Colour

Colour trends come and go, so the ivory shades of today may not be a smart choice for tomorrow. Since you have to live with the colour of your carpet for a long time, you'll want to choose timeless colours that never go out of style. For example, different shades of greys, tans, browns and creams have been around for a long time and will continue to decorate the rooms of many homes for many years to come. Ensure that you choose colours that will last, so you don't grow weary of them within a short span.

Get Your Family Involved

When you have family, chances are everyone will have their own opinion about carpet colours for your living room. Before heading to the carpet retailers, be sure to get the input of your family so you can come to a consensus on a colour that everyone enjoys. This is especially useful because you won't be the only person to use the carpet in your household.

Use these smart strategies to plan your living room colour scheme before heading to the carpet retailers.