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Flooring: Shopping, Installing, Maintaining, Cleaning and More

One hundred years ago, floors consisted of hardwoods, luxurious wool rugs or the occasional tile arrangement, and in some cases, floors during that era were still dirt. In just three or four generations, we've come a long way. Now you can find tile made of materials quarried from around the world. You can opt for rugs or wall-to-wall carpet made from everything from wool to synthetic fibers to bamboo. In addition, there's polished concrete, vinyl tile that can mimic almost any look or material, and a range of other options. With so much to choose from, it's important to do your research, and this blog is designed to help. I hope you enjoy my posts!

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4 Step-By-Step Guidelines To Replace Timeworn And Cracked Grout In Tiled Floors

Your tiled flooring probably looks fabulous in your home when you first install it, but over time, the grout lines may start to discolour and look shabby. While seemingly a small flooring element, timeworn grout will bring down the look of your overall floor space, so you'll naturally want to refurbish the look of your room. Follow these step-by-step guidelines in your quest to replace timeworn and cracked grout in tiled floors.

Gather Your Grout Replacement Necessities

For this grout replacement task, you will need a vacuum cleaner, a putty knife, a grout saw, replacement ready-to-go grout and rubber gloves. Putty knives, grout saws and ready-to-go grout are easily available at home improvement stores. Since grout is available in different colours, you will need to get a grout colour that matches your existing flooring for a homogenous finish. Make sure you use rubber gloves to prevent any chemicals from hurting your hands.

Use The Grout Saw To Detach Old Grout 

Use the grout saw to remove all detachable grout from your flooring. Grout saws work efficiently because they allow you to work your way into the edges closely without damaging your floor tiles. Keep in mind that you must be gentle when using the grout saw to remove all grout for minimal damage. Once you have removed all the loose and damaged grout, use the vacuum cleaner to gather up all the dust and debris. Make sure the flooring is thoroughly clean before proceeding.

Apply The Grout To The Tiled Flooring

Ready-to-go grout is already pre-assembled in a tube, so you simply need to squeeze the paste out of the tube for applying on the tiled flooring. Apply the grout on the putty knife and start inserting it into the grout lines as gently as possible to ensure that all gaps are filled. Use the putty knife to remove excess grout from outside the lines for a smooth finish.

Let Grout Dry Based On Manufacturer Recommendations

Ready grout is easy to apply to tiled flooring, but make sure you follow the manufacturer's drying time recommendations for the best results. Drying times may vary based on formulations, so give the grout a few hours or let it stay overnight for drying. Ensure you open up the room for proper ventilation to accelerate the process of drying. Once the grout has dried, you can use your flooring once again. 

These simple steps are easy for most homeowners to follow in their quest to replace timeworn and cracked grout in tiled flooring.