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Flooring: Shopping, Installing, Maintaining, Cleaning and More

One hundred years ago, floors consisted of hardwoods, luxurious wool rugs or the occasional tile arrangement, and in some cases, floors during that era were still dirt. In just three or four generations, we've come a long way. Now you can find tile made of materials quarried from around the world. You can opt for rugs or wall-to-wall carpet made from everything from wool to synthetic fibers to bamboo. In addition, there's polished concrete, vinyl tile that can mimic almost any look or material, and a range of other options. With so much to choose from, it's important to do your research, and this blog is designed to help. I hope you enjoy my posts!

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How to Design Your Home around Timber Flooring

If you live in a scenic part of this great country, you must be tempted to try and bring the great outdoors inside as you design your home. In other words, you may want to try and develop a seamless transition between the outside and the inside. It's possible to achieve this by using particular elements of design and certain products in order to translate the vibrancy of the outside world to the interior. How can timber flooring help you to achieve this?

Let the Light Flow

If you're lucky enough to have a home that has a general northerly exposure, then you can make much out of the sun's energy during the day. Try to ensure that the entire exterior wall on the northern side is composed of bifold doors that stretch from ceiling to floor. This will be a good start as you get the maximum amount of light into the living area.

Choose the Timber Carefully

The next thing that you need to do is to select the appropriate type of hardwood timber that can be built into applications on both the outside and the inside. Select boards of identical dimension on both sides of the wall so that the transition appears to be seamless and make sure that the final product is colour-coordinated as well as being symmetrical.

Symmetry Is Everything

Try not to have any other element in between your interior floor and the edge of the sliding door itself. This will also help to ensure that everything "flows" properly, while you are still paying the appropriate amount of attention to protection from the weather. When moving outside, ensure that your timber design and product allocation continues to be symmetrical and this includes adjacent structures, such as the carport.

Important Preparation Tips

It is very important before you start to ensure that all of the timber used has time to weather to its environment appropriately. Your timber installer will be able to add his expertise and opinion here. Remember that the timber used outside is going to encounter very different conditions to that used inside. The product that will be laid inside should be received a few weeks before it is time to install and should be stored inside, so it becomes used to the particular moisture content there. Store your new flooring carefully in an area that is little used, but where it will be able to receive air flow naturally. As the pieces of wood acclimatise they will absorb a specific amount of moisture relevant to their environment. If you don't go through this stage, you may come across imperfections and an imperfect end result. Likewise, stack the "exterior" timber outside so that it can weather to the local conditions before being installed.

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